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Using state-of-the-art photogrammetric processing, our 2D orthomosaic images help you to view large tracts of land and fields in outstanding detail - up to 10x better than that available in public satellite imagery.

We can use this data to produce Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) to support hydrological analysis and shade maps.

We also offer sensitive multi-spectral analyses of vegetative health - reducing costs and supporting sustainability in your operation by providing insight into areas of vegetation stress. This allows you to plan specific targeting of fertiliser, water, or pest control measures.

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Understand your land

We stitch together hundreds of individual photographs to produce large scale, highly detailed orthomosiac images covering large tracts of land. These resulting orthomosiac images are georeferenced, meaning you can measure features directly. These images can be exported to free, user-friendly software such as Google Earth Pro for you to examine at your leisure. We can then use GIS software to extract further information of your choosing, including terrain height data, contours and shade maps.

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We're all about providing value to you. As such, we'll give you a free tip!

The example data below is multispectral satellite data free to access (at this time). This data is good for an initial overview, but cannot achieve the accuracy, actionability and on-schedule mapping benefits that LandScan UK can provide. If this is helpful to you, please let us know on our social media channels. 

Data Provided by Copernicus Sentintel 2
10m Resolution

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