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Aerial drone sureys really can see the wood for the trees. Uninhibited by the usual ground-based vision limitations, aerial footage can help to provide an instant overview of your forest's health and progression.

We can extract information such as tree count averages, canopy heights, identify windblow and tree disease - helping you stay on top of your crop.

Data from repeat visits can be compared, giving you a real understanding of the performance and yield potential of your stock. 

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We don't just take pretty photos! Our team specialise in extracting the actionable information you need from our images. We combine multiple data sources with the latest GIS (Geospatial Information Software) to produce alluring, information-filled outputs to your specification.

Our most popuar requests are Digital Surface Models (for showing relative heights of surface features) and Digital Terrain Models which show the underlying topography of the land surface - excluding features. Some drone companies will only supply you with the generic outputs automatically generated by their software - we have found these images to be lacking in information. All land is different, and different approaches are required to extract and present the required information.

These images are of course great for understanding the fundamentals of your forest, but the information can also be presented in a way that looks great on your wall at home!

Canopy Height Maps

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The image below is an example scan over 5 hectares of commercial Sitka Spruce forest. At a GSD (Ground Sampling Distance) of 2 centimetres per pixel, and a flight time of less than 20 minutes, aerial assessments such as this represent the best value for money. Small details which may be missed due to planting density can be isolated and easily shown. Windblow or areas of ill health can be quickly identified and communicated to your forest managers for quick investigation and resolution.


Our outputs can then be kept on file indefinitely, where we can follow up repeatedly over standard time intervals (usually 6-12months) and show you exactly how much growth - and consequently value - your crop has gained.

As the client, you recieve full access to the data and imagery - this helps to contextualise the written reports recieved from your managers.

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Foresters: Image
Foresters: Image

Crown Peak Identification

5. Counting Estimates - Compartmental St

RGB Index Analysis

7. Deciduous and Confierous Tree ID - St
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