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Aerial Lake House


Safe Operation of Aerial Vehicles

Our Safe Operations Process: 

1. Firstly, we will ask you provide details of the site of the flying and understand your particular requirements. We like to provide a bespoke service and are happy to discuss any ideas you may have. 

2. We then conduct a detailed pre-visit site safety survey, taking into account hazards, restrictions, and proximity to third party property. We provide you with an outline of the areas where drone operation is possible, and we can advise you of further steps which may expand this available area. Once the flight areas have been agreed, we will then schedule the operation.

3. After arriving on site to conduct the operation, we conduct further detailed on-site safety and risk assessments. In the rare instance that there are any issues preventing safe flight, these will be communicated immediately and an alternative strategy will be devised where possible. 

4. If required, we will brief and make involved any consenting third parties operating in the area. Third parties who do not wish to consent to the briefing must agree to vacate to a minimum distance of 50m from the planned flight route before flight can occur. Third parties who agree to become involved must follow all given instructions whilst the operations are in progress. 

4. Yourself or your representatives do not need to be at the site during operations, provided access to us is available and landowner consent has been granted. 

5. Please note, whilst we strive to accurately predict prevailing weather conditions, all bookings are initially provisional, and are dependant on the  weather conditions at the time of flight. We will contact you 24 hours before the scheduled booking time if the prevailing conditions do not allow safe operation. We will then reschedule at the nearest opportunity. Should you require a fixed date and time, please specify this when enquiring and we will discuss how we can provide additional mitigation to support you.

Safe Flight Policy: About
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