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Landscan UK is a professionally licensed aviation company, specialists in aerial image capture, data collection and photogrammetric processing.

We consider the safe usage of our aircraft to be of paramount importance, and we follow all applicable legislative safety requirements at all times. For more information on the mandatory requirements please see the Civil Aviation Authority website (

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We work with our clients to be a full-service and development partner. If you have any questions or use cases not covered in the above sections, please reach out and we will be more than happy to describe how we can provide the right support at the right price.

Charitable causes and organisations can qualify for reduced fees when engaging our services, for more details please get in touch below.



Using state-of-the-art photogrammetric processing, our 2D orthomosaic images help you to make decisions regarding your land management strategy in outstanding detail - much better than that available in publicly available maps.

Our fleet of advanced aircraft can map large areas accurately and significantly faster than traditional land surveys, producing reliable Digital Elevation Models (DEM) to support hydrological analysis.

We also offer sensitive multi-spectral analyses of vegetative health - supporting sustainability in your crop production system by increasing supplement targeting and providing insight into areas of vegetation stress.




Perfectly captured images of the places you love

LandScan can work with estate agents, developers and homeowners to produce bespoke, eye-catching content for marketing your property or land.

We listen to and work with your specific requirements to produce a varied range of footage with a rapid turnaround time.

To supplement this service, we also provide full on-ground video and photography services using DSLR cameras and advanced gymbal technology.

In these times of saturated online listings, its more important than ever to stand out from the crowd to achieve the financial returns your property deserves.



We can work as your business to provide the services described above to your customers, using your branding and acting as your employees.

Get in touch now to discuss your requirements, and to find out how we can provide additional value  and support to your clients.

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